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Passenger information
Impeccable service and tidiness
We start every flight with high spirits, looking forward for each of you as if you were our personal guest – we tidy up before each flight and brace up. Our hospitality is of the highest service standard to ensure that you can relax and enjoy the flight experience on each of your journeys.
How is aircraft safety ensured before the flight?
Flight captain thoroughly inspects the aircraft before each flight and assesses whether the airplane is properly prepared for the flight. The airport security services take care to prevent prohibited items from being carried into the aircraft by service staff or passengers and their baggage.
How is flight safety ensured?
Flight safety is a key priority for us – when it comes to safety there is no compromise. Aircraft cockpit crew must ensure that every flight is to proceed smoothly and safely, and the cabin crew is prepared for various situations that might occur during the flight - they know perfectly how to cope with those!
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