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Small Planet Airlines

We are a fast-growing leisure airline with operations in Europe, MENA and Asia regions

Small Planet Airlines started operations in 2009 and since then became one of the fastest growing independent leisure airlines in Europe.

What makes Small Planet Airlines a different charter airline company? In fact, it is a simple and powerful question that is rarely asked in boardrooms and aisles of the airline companies: a “Why not?” question.

We feel this is what the airline industry has missed. So we thought, why not to have a charter airline that challenges airline business conventions in a big way? That has a real business model to offer lowest prices for European quality service? That truly behaves as a partner and goes an extra mile for the passengers?

Small Planet Airlines was born from curiosity what is doable in the chartered airline business and is driven by the question "Why not?". If you adopt this attitude a world of infinite possibilities and improvements opens in front of you: from the way we operate and serve our direct clients to the way we interact with our passengers. From the way, we cut our costs to the way we develop our offer.

"Why?" is a bad question. "Why not?" is a great question. A question that opens airline business for a change and a bit of fun. After all this world has got enough of boring airlines already.

We have offices in 4 countries

Airbus A320 aircraft
Airbus A321 aircraft
Average fleet age
Our fleet Since 2009, we have grown our fleet from 3 to 22 aircraft. Since 2016, we are an Airbus-only carrier.
Revenues When it comes to growth, we are the perfect example. Since 2013 we are profitable – we manage to earn even during the periods of rapid growth due to optimisation of our operations.
Passengers Every year we carry 20 to 50 percent more passengers. Have you ever seen the growth so fast with a stable passenger satisfaction? You have now.
Punctuality We always have a back-up aircraft ready on a stand-by to mitigate long delays. We have 25% less long delays (over 3 hours) than industry average.
Our philosophy
Best Price for European Quality
We do our best to offer European quality services for the best price. How do we do it? It is a mix of components: firstly, our fleet is optimized for the lowest cost and highest reliability. Secondly, our operations are centralized in Lithuania that is one of the most cost effective European places to run an aviation company. 
Our philosophy
Passionate customer service
We make sure holidays start on board of our flights. Staff members are specially selected and fully undergone a carefully designed training program to make sure everyone feels cozy and there is bit of fun on the flight. And then we walk the extra mile to make a nice surprise. It is a fresh experience to be in our flight.
Our philosophy
A team that makes things happen
Our people value the result as much as the means to achieve it. Nothing is impossible for this team – these are the people who inspire each other and never refuse to lend a helping hand or ask for an advice when faced with difficulties. They are prepared to take that extra step to make the processes smoother and always keep their word.